“Apartment B4” – 2015 // Winner of the Black Warrior Film Festival Audience Award

My work balances between film, documentary, wedding and visual art.  With my work I want to tell hidden and everyday life stories of people and events.  Observing, recording, and the retelling of stories are the three key aspects that distinguish me as an editor and cinematographer first and foremost.  I often use material that captures an unexpected moment or story, material that could be called documentary.  Visually, I stay close to reality but at the same time I take the freedom, during filming and editing, to change and adjust the situation, setting and mood.  This borderland, where visual art and documentary come together, fascinates me and gives me the possibility to recreate a new reality.  With my work I want to show the visual cinematic beauty within reality and the daily life surrounding us.  I want to show the intriguing parts of life, of which I believe can be seen and experienced more concentrated when shown on video/film.